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(k)larity @ Work™

(k)larity @ Work™ gives your employees access to financial education, industry-leading technology, and fiduciary-based coaching and advice from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals.

How (k)larity @ Works For Your People

While the terms “financial wellness” and “financial well-being” are similar, they mean different things. Financial wellness is more action-oriented and is the positive steps a person can take to lead a healthier financial life. Financial well-being is more of a holistic, emotional state that focuses on contentment, balance, positivity and confidence. Said differently, financial wellness is process-focused (“what you do”) and financial well-being is outcome focused (“how you feel”). Financial wellness influences financial well-being. For instance, if you pay off your credit cards every month you are not likely to worry about short-term debt.

The Problem

A May 2019 survey of nearly 1,900 workers showed that financially stressed employees are misaligned, disengaged, and unproductive. Here’s some stats about stressed workers:

  • 45% Admit to feeling financial stress on a regular basis.
  • 33% Less likely to feel like their employer cares about them.
  • 56% More likely to believe their employer’s benefits are less competitive than similar organizations.
  • 45% Less likely to feel confident they are taking full advantage of company benefits.
  • 17x More likely to feel like stress has impacted the quality of their work.

The Solution

(k)larity @ Work™ gives your employees access to financial education, industry-leading technology, and fiduciary-based coaching and advice from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals.

Conflict-Free Fiduciary Advice

We are a fiduciary advisor to your employees which ensures they received financial advice that’s unbiased and in their best interests.

Unlimited 1:1 Access to Dedicated CFP® Professionals

Your employees have unlimited on-demand access to a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professionals, including Spanish-speaking services.

Online Scheduling System & 1-800 Number

Your employees can quickly and easily book a meeting using our online scheduling system or call our 1-800 number to get the help they need at a time that fits into their busy schedule.

Free Digital Financial Planning Tools

Your employees have access to robust retirement planning, debt management, and budgeting tools from industry-leading financial planning software provider, Right Capital.

Comprehensive Financial Education

We help your employees make better decisions through engaging employee education – including 200+ articles, webinars and videos covering a wide range of financial planning topics.

Discounted Estate Planning Services

Your employees can develop an estate plan and protect their loved ones through our partnership with Trust & Will and take advantage of 10% in cost savings.

The Benefit

When employees spend less time focusing on their finances, they can spend more time doing their jobs and contributing to the success of your organization and your culture.

Better for Your People

Your employees achieve peace of mind through personalized advice and support to help them accomplish their unique financial goals and dreams.

Better for Your Company

A workforce with less financial stress means a more aligned, engaged and productive organization, boosting your company’s employee retention and bottom line. If you’re looking for a way to provide financial betterment for your employees, reach out to chat with us today.

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