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What is relationship-based financial planning?

Preserving, building and enjoying wealth requires a plan — but not just any plan. Your goals and priorities aren’t like anyone else’s. That’s why, at Greenspring, we practice relationship-based financial planning. Clients, not products, come first. The road from ‘present wealth’ to ‘possibility’ begins and ends with your needs and goals. We customize your financial plan to create a unique, comprehensive roadmap to financial security and freedom, however you define it. Unlike larger firms that offer pre-built portfolios or push proprietary products that earn them additional fees, we collaborate with our clients to develop long-term relationships and strategic solutions for wealth management.

Your Greenspring advisor can help inform and help navigate all the crossroads you’ll face in your life, whether you want to:

  • Partner with an advisory firm who can act as your Personal CFO;
  • Manage and coordinate your investments to align with a long-term plan;
  • Minimize your tax burden;
  • Find balance between enjoying wealth now and having it serve you in the future;
  • Create smart solutions for passing along your wealthand creating a legacy;
  • See the big picture so you can anticipate milestones and plan deliberately to meet them.

Why Greenspring Advisors?

We hire only experts from the top of our fields who share our beliefs that putting the client’s interest first produces better outcomes across the board. Because our specialty is providing bespoke service in a client-focused culture, you’ll work alongside your own specialized team to build collaborative solutions. Our team has a passion for helping others reach their dreams and can help you start today. Greenspring Advisors has been recognized locally and nationally for our approach and commitment to excellence in financial planning and wealth management.

Greenspring Advisors Private Wealth Management Maryland New Jersey
Greenspring Advisors Private Wealth Management Maryland New Jersey

What Can Greenspring Advisors Do for Me?

A well-rounded financial life, like a well-rounded life, consists of many interdependent components. Greenspring Advisors’ team includes in-house specialists from multiple areas disciplines who work together as a financial concierge team. Working with you and for you, we’ll seamlessly assemble a multi-faceted and robust financial plan that takes stock of all facets of your life goals, and has built-in accountability and transparency.

Unlike some firms, our services don’t stop there. We’ll help execute those plans and measure the progress you’re making. To ensure your plan keeps meeting your goals and continues to leverage the latest available resources, our experts will provide ongoing professional guidance and oversight. We’re in this for the long haul. Our team of credentialed, educated, experienced and action-oriented advisors are dedicated to putting your plan into action.

Financial Planning Services

Account aggregation

Monitor your progress and goals on an easy-to-use, personalized dashboard displaying everything you choose: from a bird’s-eye view of your plan to your accounts portfolio, down to the granular view of individual, daily investment progress.

Cash flow planning

Our experts are as skilled in communicating budget analysis and strategies as they are in managing them. Your cash flow can’t work for you if you can’t see it in real time, so we use easy to understand modeling and analysis tools to make sure you have a window into exactly what’s going on with your wealth at all times.

Charitable gift planning

Giving back is a priority for us and for many of our clients. We help you invest strategically in the community to help you accomplish your long and short term charitable and philanthropic goals.

Education planning

We can help you avoid the pitfalls of paying for college and make sure you have the finances available when needed.

Estate and family governance planning

Our advisors are experts in the field of wealth transference and estate planning. For the assets you choose to protect and preserve for future generations, we can help you leave a legacy. We also have insight into creating long-term trusts and multi-generation liquidity strategies.

Insurance planning and risk management

We’ll help you consolidate and coordinate your insurance needs and evaluate your coverage to prevent too much or too little insurance. Risk management evaluates areas such as liability planning, income tax impact, and planning for unexpected emergencies.

Portfolio building and management

You bring the goals and intentions, we’ll bring the expertise. We’ll match your investment strategy to your lifelong financial plan, help manage it, and answer any questions you have along the way.

Reporting and analysis

In addition to providing real-time views into the progress of your financial plan, we provide our clients with analysis, reviews and updates through regular reports. In addition to quarterly reviews of your investment portfolio, we can analyze your risk and returns in comparison to peers and indexes.

Retirement planning

Most of our clients ask us first: “How much do I need to retire?” We help you find that important answer, and help you reach the post-career life you’ve envisioned.

Tax consultation

We offer tax planning and consulting for individuals, trusts, estates, flow-through entities, and closely held entities. We have the latest knowledge of tax developments and changes and share our insights with you.

Private Wealth Insights

Money Values

This week Greenspring’s Women & Wealth group hosted a Conversation Circle to discuss our own relationships with money. If you aren’t familiar with a Conversation Circle it is an opportunity for a small group to come together for a facilitated discussion to share stories and experiences. The Circle allows us to self-reflect as well as draw wisdom from others. As Wealth Managers it is second nature to ask our clients questions to draw out what their greatest fears and concerns are about money so that we can determine the best way we can help. As was the case with the cobbler whose children had no shoes, we often don’t pause to examine our own relationship with money.

Behavioral Hacks for Your (Financial) New Year’s Resolutions

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the time is once again upon us to set our New Year’s resolutions. Many of us will make our well-intentioned resolutions to get out of debt, increase our savings, or stick to a budget, only to find that we have fallen right back into our old habits by the time March rolls around. Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be incredibly challenging, particularly when it comes to our finances. However, there are some tricks you can use to not only help you stick to your resolutions, but also set yourself and your family up for a successful financial future.

Talking Money this Holiday Season

With the fall and winter holiday season rapidly approaching, many are prepping to host their traditional family gatherings in new and creative ways in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the settings may be different this year, and we may be gathering virtually, one thing is unlikely to change: when family and friends gather, uncomfortable topics will come up in conversation. One of those topics is likely money and personal finances. In July of 2019, TD Ameritrade conducted a study that asked participants about their comfort levels discussing certain issues, primarily focusing on money/personal finances.