We are simply real people following real values.

Established in 2004, Greenspring is an independent, fee-only firm, specializing in holistic, progressive and unbiased investment advisory services to retirement plan fiduciaries, foundations, and endowments; and comprehensive wealth management services and financial planning to private investors.

Passion drives our efforts to put our clients’ needs first and help them navigate the complex financial journey that will result in their long-term financial well-being. As we enter the third decade since our firm’s founding, we have held true to the original vision for the firm – where we exist to serve them, not the other way around. Holding to this vision, we’ve experienced exceptional growth; starting as a team of two and now being a team of over 40 exceptional employees in three states, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Always "Others-First"

As we’ve grown, we have remained diligent in adhering to our original core purpose, culture and philosophy of an “others-first” focus.

With offices in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, we have hired a deep bench of skilled and credentialed financial advisors, keeping the advisor-client ratio low in order to maintain personal relationships. Our “others-first” philosophy and culture allow our advisors to focus on our fiduciary responsibility and our clients’ needs, whether individuals, corporations, or philanthropic institutions. And our growing team believes deeply in the philosophy set forth by the founders: exceptional advice, diligence, results, and, above all, putting the client first.

We are your advocates.

Our fiduciary responsibility informs every interaction we have with our clients. We assist, educate and advise our clients so you truly understand complex topics and have the confidence and know-how to make solid investment decisions. We use plain English to explain the financial climate and then discuss the risks that accompany some options. Guided by our core principle of putting the client’s needs first, we have an extremely high investor client satisfaction and retention rate.

Giving Back

In addition to helping our clients make sound and wise decisions, we also support a number of area nonprofits and charities. As company profits reach new levels, so does our giving. We take pride in our efforts to create stronger and more equitable communities with which we work and live.

Core Values

Greenspring Advisors:Independent, fee-only wealth management and financial planning for private investors; investment advisory services for retirement plan fiduciaries, foundations, and endowments.

When you partner with Greenspring we want you to know exactly who we are to ensure we’re the right fit. Every employee at Greenspring is motivated by fulfilling our Core Purpose, helping others, and living by our Core Values. At Greenspring, these two things are non-negotiable and they drive how we approach life, how we conduct business, how we treat others, and how we do our jobs.

Love Your Neighbor - Greenspring Advisors Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Retirement

Love Your Neighbor

Be others focused

Master Your Craft - Greenspring Advisors Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Retirement

Master Your Craft

Develop your skills

Bias Toward Action - Greenspring Advisors Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Retirement

Have a Bias Towards Action

Make things happen

Own Your Stuff - Greenspring Advisors Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Retirement

Own Your Stuff

Take responsibility for your actions

Trust The Evidence - Greenspring Advisors Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Retirement

Trust The Evidence

Seek truth

Real Experience.
The Right Approach.