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Video: The Business Case for Financial Wellness

Today's employees are facing increased financial stress, which can lead to a decrease in productivity and a higher turnover rate. Consider the case for a financial wellness program - it could be a new way to strengthen the company’s bottom line!

How Much is Employee Stress Costing You?

The cost of employee stress can add up quickly between turnover and productivity loss. Here is a potential solution that could help improve your company’s bottom line.
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4 Ways Employers Can Create a Culture of Wellness

Employees are looking for beefed up benefits that support their social, physical, mental and financial well-being.
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Is Financial Education on Company Time Worth It?

Helping employees reduce financial stress can help improve wellness, retention and productivity – and cost a fraction of the time lost from overwhelmed employees.
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Q2 2023 Employee Newsletter: Retirement Savings and Milestones

Financial needs differ person to person; but no matter one’s age, it’s always a good time to save! Here are tips for realistic savings goals at any age.
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Financial Stress Has More Impact on Your Company Than You Think

Stressed employees are feeling the pinch; this can affect productivity, retention and engagement at work. Financial education could be an easy solution that helps your employees and overall business.

Total Compensation Symposium

Join Greenspring, SIG, Prescott HR and First Financial Federal Credit Union as they discuss what employers are doing to attract and retain talented employees in a tight labor market.

Q1 2023 Employee Newsletter: Budget Edition

Who has financial goals on their resolution list? Check out these tips to help stay on track with a budget.
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Defining Workplace Goals is a Vital First Step to an Effective Retirement Plan

Here’s helpful guidance about defining your plan goals and offering this benefit which helps everyone save toward retirement success.