Jeffrey Bernfeld, CFP®, MBA

Partner & Practice Lead

Experience & Expertise

Jeff is a Partner & Practice Lead in the firm’s Private Client Group. He joined Greenspring after a successful career as a business executive in companies including McKinsey & Company and General Mills. Jeff specializes in helping clients assess their long-term financial goals and then works closely with them to develop, implement, monitor, and periodically reassess a financial plan so that these objectives are successfully met.

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Favorite Thing About Working With Clients

“When I was 14, I began managing my mother’s retirement investment accounts. I guess you could say she was my first client! Ever since then, I’ve been passionate about helping to improve the financial lives of others.”

My Philosophy On Client Service

“I believe in both the big picture as well as getting the details right. I love reviewing and analyzing tax returns, insurance policies, and investment statements to ensure that every aspect of a family’s financial life is optimized. By understanding the details of each of my client’s particular situations, I can customize and implement a plan of action to help them reach their goals.”

MBA from Harvard Business School
BBA from University of Texas
Baltimore, MD
Harvard Business School and University of Texas
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What I Love About Greenspring

“The fact that Greenspring was ahead of its time — 15 years ago, it was founded as a fee-only fiduciary advisor when nobody knew what that meant. Even though most people still don’t know, it is becoming more known. I am proud to work for a firm that puts clients first, which can be unique in our industry, unfortunately.”

Recent Insights

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Whitepaper: Best Practice Financial Advice for Physicians

Physicians often have unique financial planning issues that need to be addressed. In this white paper, Greenspring’s Jeff Bernfeld, CFP®, MBA outlines 5 best practices that physicians should consider when planning for their financial future.