Molly Goetz, CFP®, CDFA®, MBA

Partner & Practice Lead

Experience & Expertise

Molly is a Partner & Practice Lead in the firm’s Private Client Group. She has spent her entire career in the financial industry. Prior to joining Greenspring, she worked in various capacities in the Institutional Equity Division of Deutsche Bank and was an Associate at a private equity firm. Molly specializes in helping clients assess their long-term financial goals and then works closely with them to develop, implement, monitor, and periodically reassess a financial plan so that these objectives are successfully met. Molly is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee and co-leads Greenspring’s Women & Wealth initiative. Molly also serves on the Investment Committee for Pickersgill Retirement Community.

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Favorite Thing About Working With Clients

“Empowering others to take control of their financial future.”

My Philosophy On Client Service

“Be proactive in anticipating clients’ needs and questions. Provide strategies based upon sound analysis. But above all, LISTEN”

B.A. from University of Virginia
MBA from Loyola University
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Baltimore, MD
University of Virginia and Loyola University
Athletes Serving Athletes
Spending time with family
Master Your Craft
What I Love About Greenspring

“I love our client first mentality that guides our decision making. That mentality, paired with our emphasis on teamwork, is what I think makes Greenspring special.”

Recent Insights

Finance After 50

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and it has begun to sink in that I am on the back end of my longevity curve. Retirement is no longer something “Old” people need to worry about but rather a word that has become a frequent part of my vocabulary. Turning 50 is a perfect time to evaluate your financial situation and determine if your retirement plan is on track. Use this checklist to help you gain firm financial footing so that you can fully enjoy your NEXT 50 years.

The Smartest Person in the World Can Still Be a Terrible Investor

Have you ever felt intimidated by the markets? Thought that investing was only for brilliant people?  Maybe you hear jargon like “beta,” “derivatives,” or “standard deviation,” and it just goes over your head? Contrary to what you may think, you can be the smartest person in the world and still be a terrible investor.

Money Values

This week Greenspring’s Women & Wealth group hosted a Conversation Circle to discuss our own relationships with money. If you aren’t familiar with a Conversation Circle it is an opportunity for a small group to come together for a facilitated discussion to share stories and experiences. The Circle allows us to self-reflect as well as draw wisdom from others. As Wealth Managers it is second nature to ask our clients questions to draw out what their greatest fears and concerns are about money so that we can determine the best way we can help. As was the case with the cobbler whose children had no shoes, we often don’t pause to examine our own relationship with money.