Private Wealth Management Insights

Market Pundits Often Get It Wrong

With the US markets breaching their all-time highs, I have had more clients ask me when the correction is coming.  We’ve been through two crashes in the last 13 years, and the investor psyche is fragile.

The US as a Percentage of the World Stock Market

Although investors favor US companies in the world stock market because they outperform their foreign counterparts, consider a few things.

Where Has the Hedge Been in Hedge Funds

We are constantly reviewing the performance of various investment strategies.  Over the past couple of decades, the rise of hedge funds has been spectacular, and I thought it would be helpful if we dug into their performance at a much deeper level. 

Does Active Management Work Better In Inefficient Markets?

Does active management really work better in inefficient markets where there is less information available? Let's review the data.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Your House as an Investment

Every now and then I will have a client tell me how their home has been their best investment (well, not as much recently!).  We have data we can review to see how this has really been a myth in most cases.