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Opening Doors: Coming Out of Pride Month

Just like everyone else, LGBTQ+ folks have to think about cash flow, medical bills, if they want to get married or start a family, saving an emergency fund, changing jobs, negotiating salaries, titling assets, and living a life that's authentic to them. At the same time, we want to feel understood and like we don't have to hide who we are. As a gay man in finance and wealth management, I want my community to know I am - and Greenspring Advisors is - a safe space for you.

Your Mid-Year Financial Checklist

As we turn the calendar to July and hit the halfway point of the year, now is a great time to take care of things that you might normally forget about. Change your smoke detector batteries, check your HVAC filter, and also-check your finances! The halfway mark of the year is a great time to review your finances and ensure that you are on track to meet your financial goals for the year.

Finance After 50

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and it has begun to sink in that I am on the back end of my longevity curve. Retirement is no longer something “Old” people need to worry about but rather a word that has become a frequent part of my vocabulary. Turning 50 is a perfect time to evaluate your financial situation and determine if your retirement plan is on track. Use this checklist to help you gain firm financial footing so that you can fully enjoy your NEXT 50 years.

When Economic Uncertainty Comes, Stick to Your Investment Plan

It seems like we cannot go a day without hearing questions about a recession. Will we enter a recession, how long will it last, and how bad will it be? No one truly knows the answer to any of those questions, but we thought we would look at one of the favorite data points economists tend to look at in order to identify upcoming recessions, the Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook Index, and whether it has any predictive ability on stock returns.

Money Values

This week Greenspring’s Women & Wealth group hosted a Conversation Circle to discuss our own relationships with money. If you aren’t familiar with a Conversation Circle it is an opportunity for a small group to come together for a facilitated discussion to share stories and experiences. The Circle allows us to self-reflect as well as draw wisdom from others. As Wealth Managers it is second nature to ask our clients questions to draw out what their greatest fears and concerns are about money so that we can determine the best way we can help. As was the case with the cobbler whose children had no shoes, we often don’t pause to examine our own relationship with money.

Behavioral Hacks for Your (Financial) New Year’s Resolutions

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the time is once again upon us to set our New Year’s resolutions. Many of us will make our well-intentioned resolutions to get out of debt, increase our savings, or stick to a budget, only to find that we have fallen right back into our old habits by the time March rolls around. Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be incredibly challenging, particularly when it comes to our finances. However, there are some tricks you can use to not only help you stick to your resolutions, but also set yourself and your family up for a successful financial future.

Talking Money this Holiday Season

With the fall and winter holiday season rapidly approaching, many are prepping to host their traditional family gatherings in new and creative ways in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the settings may be different this year, and we may be gathering virtually, one thing is unlikely to change: when family and friends gather, uncomfortable topics will come up in conversation. One of those topics is likely money and personal finances. In July of 2019, TD Ameritrade conducted a study that asked participants about their comfort levels discussing certain issues, primarily focusing on money/personal finances.
Financial chart and data with calculator and pen on wooden desk

8 Credit Building Tips for the Modern American

Here are some helpful tips to help you build and repair your financial reputation for a long-lasting impact.

September 2022 Market Commentary

For 2022, it may feel like the theme has been “nowhere to hide.” As this is written, the year-to-date performance of stocks is -22.17% and typically stable bonds are -13.54% through 9/22/2022. So, what is going on? While no one knows for sure what drives the stock and bond market in the very short-term, I think it is safe to say there are a few issues that are weighing on investors’ minds: