Greenspring Advisors to Award $100,000 in Grants

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June 25th, 2024


Towson, MD – June 25th, 2024 Greenspring Advisors is excited to announce that their 2024 Greenspring Grant Program will open on July 1st, 2024, and take applications until July 31st, 2024. Since its inception, Greenspring has had the mission to give back by making meaningful financial and relational investments in their local community. To further this endeavor and show commitment to charitable giving, the concept of the Greenspring Grant Program was introducedin 2012. The program was designed to support the mission of local non-profits.

This program is run entirely by employees of Greenspring Advisors, and each year allows a new team of individuals the rewarding task of selecting and awarding monies to organizations impacting our communities. This year they are awarding $100,000 in grant monies to non-profit organizations dedicated to, or developing programs in workforce/economic development, financial literacy, and/or entrepreneurship in Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey. To date, their grant program has awarded $550,000.

Amir Dreams, the 2024 Grant Committee Chairperson stated, “It is Greenspring’s enduring pleasure and privilege to support these organizations and their work through our grant program. Organizations like these are often the backbone of their communities and we hope this program may help foster the growth and prosperity of the organizations and in turn the communities they support.”

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