At Greenspring our clients come first.

Established in 2004, Greenspring Advisors was built on the fiduciary principle that the client comes first. We specialize in holistic, progressive and unbiased investment advisory services to retirement plan fiduciaries, foundations, and endowments; and comprehensive wealth management services, including financial planning, to private investors.

Our team understands that in today’s world the demands on your time and energy have never been more pressing; therefore having a financial advocate to focus on your needs with the attentiveness it deserves is vital. Not only do we deliver personalized financial expertise, but we are committed to making certain we understand your goals. That is why our services are customized according to your needs and aspirations.



Greenspring Advisor’s Reiley Crosby Named #1 Next Gen Advisor to Watch by AdvisorHub

The 2024 AdvisorHub Next Gen Ranking was awarded 6/20/24 by AdvisorHub to Reiley Crosby based on the time period of the year prior. Greenspring Advisors did not pay to participate.


Greenspring Advisors to Award $100,000 in Grants


Greenspring Advisors’ Zack Hubbard Named an Excellence Awardee in the Advisor of the Year (Northeast) category by InvestmentNews

The InvestmentNews Advisor of the Year (Regional- Northeast) Excellence Awardee nomination was provided to Zack Hubbard, CFP® on 4/22/24 by InvestmentNews. Greenspring Advisors did not pay to participate. The aforementioned award is no guarantee of future investment outcomes and does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results.


Greenspring Advisors Named to List of Nation’s Top DC Advisor Teams

The 2024 NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams: Nominees had to be individual advisor team/offices with a defined contribution book of business, in a single physical location totaling at more than $100 million in AUA, based on self-reported assets under advisement as of Dec. 31, 2023. The accolade is based on the previous calendar year’s numbers but was too unwieldy and confusing to tag it as such. The National Association of Plan Advisors has updated the title to reflect the year in which it’s released even though it is still based on last year’s numbers. Hence you will not find a list titled “2023” in the archives. The list is created and conducted by the National Association of Plan Advisors, an affiliate organization of the American Retirement Association, a non-profit association. Greenspring Advisors and our advisors did not pay to be considered for this award; however, Greenspring Advisors does have a paid membership with the National Association of Plan Advisors.


Two of Greenspring’s Advisors Named in 2024 PLANADVISER’s Top Retirement Plan Advisers

The 2024 PLANADVISER Top Retirement Plan Advisers recognition recognizes the top retirement plan advisers in the industry based on quantitative measures from the year prior. To be listed, advisers had to have a minimum requirement of 50 plan clients or retirement plan assets under advisement of $400 million or more. After meeting the minimum plan or asset count, advisers are also highlighted if they meet the following categories: meaning, 91% - 100% of clients that are 401(k) plan sponsors, or 10 or more 403(b), 457, nonqualified, DB, cash balance, SEP, SIMPLE or MEP/PEP plan clients. As this recognition is based solely on quantitative figures, there is no judging or subjective measurement, and it is not indicative of any adviser’s future performance. Neither advisory firms nor their employees pay a fee in exchange for this recognition.


Greenspring Advisors Named in Republic Capital Group’s More Than Money Awards

The More Than Money Award was presented to Greenspring Advisors by Republic Capital Group on December 11, 2023, based on the time period of the year prior. Greenspring Advisors did not pay to participate in this award; however, as a result of being an honoree, Republic Capital Group has committed to support our charitable initiatives both financially and through collaborative efforts in the succeeding year. The aforementioned award is no guarantee of future investment outcomes and does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results.


Greenspring Advisors Named in Central Penn Business Journal’s Asset Managers List

The Central Penn Business Journal Asset Managers List was published on February 2nd, 2024, based on the time period of the year prior and a survey of financial information submitted by Greenspring Advisors. This was published by Central Penn Business Journal. Greenspring Advisors did not pay to participate. The aforementioned award is no guarantee of future investment outcomes and does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results.

We are your fiduciary. Always.

We were founded on the principle that clients are best served by working with an independent firm that serves in the trusted position of “fiduciary”; meaning our obligation is to work exclusively in your best interests. We commit ourselves in writing to the highest standard under the law in ALL matters, 100% of the time. To that end, we serve in an acknowledged fiduciary capacity to all clients, both individual and institutional.

We are fee only.

Greenspring was formed to provide objective, independent advice to both institutional and private wealth clients. We NEVER make commissions or take compensation from third parties. We maintain no affiliation to any other firm or product provider and have never received any form of indirect compensation since the firm’s inception. 100% of our revenue is derived from our investment advisory and consulting services. We have developed an advisor selection tool that helps you determine which fee-only advisor is right for you. Download the Advisor Selection Tool »

We are an Independent.

An independent firm means no one owns us and we are not under contract to any party to sell products. Legally, we only work directly for our clients and no one else. We represent you, and you alone.

Our Core Purpose

To Help Every Person Live Their Ideal Life

5 Tips for HENRYs Looking to Optimize Their Next Dollar

Life pulls us in a million directions: careers, kids, houses, cars, taxes, vacation, income, weddings, retirement, groceries, side hustles, investments, aging parents, promotions, and job changes. Amidst it all, we try to make financially responsible decisions for ourselves and our families. We don’t want to compromise our lifestyle now, but we also can’t sacrifice building a plan for retirement. Ben Galloway, CFP® has put together an order of operations checklist related to what to do with your next dollar for HENRY's.

An LGBTQ+ Couple’s Guide to Tax, Estate, and Legacy Planning

Tax, estate, and legacy planning for the LGBTQ+ community can be complex, regardless of whether you decide marriage is right for you.  But with the right knowledge and guidance, you can navigate these challenges successfully.  By staying informed, working with experienced professionals, and proactively planning for your future, you can protect your assets, safeguard your loved ones, and ensure your wishes are respected. 

Exploring In-Plan Retirement Income Solutions

To help prevent potential retirement delays, consider retirement income solutions to boost participants’ confidence in their future financial security.

We are Better Working Together

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One thing Greenspring's most passionate about is the opportunity to give back. We aim to enrich our local communities by continually asking, “How can we help?”

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If “enriching people’s lives” figures prominently in your definition of success, we invite you to consider furthering your career with us. We’re a growing company with a passion for helping others reach their dreams, and we are looking for talented people who share this passion.

Internship Program

Our 12-week rotational program allows the opportunity for rising seniors to learn about the financial services industry first-hand through training exercises and assisting our team with real-life scenarios.