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How is Greenspring different than most other firms? We’re glad you asked.

Always aligned. Always your advocate. Always accountable.

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Once a fiduciary, always a fiduciary.

We’ve always believed our clients’ interests come first. That’s why we’ve embraced a fiduciary role to clients since we started the firm in 2004. We are also “fee-only” which means 100% of our revenue comes directly from clients. You can be confident the advice we give you is based on merit and not ulterior, conflicted motives.

We go deeper, with fewer clients.

Providing comprehensive advice and specialized expertise is time-consuming. To enhance the client experience, we limit the number of relationships our advisors support.

We believe doing good is as important as doing well.

Giving back is essential to who we are. We give 10% of our profit to charity each year and have a goal to give away more than $15 million by 2036.

Working with most other firms.

Conflicted interests.

The financial industry is plagued by conflicts of interest, lack of transparency and misaligned incentive structures that put clients at a disadvantage. Why else would the industry be fighting so hard to avoid government regulations that require a fiduciary standard?

The more the merrier.

More clients means more opportunity for many advisors. More opportunity to sell products and generate commissions, that is.

Profit before people.

For most firms, their primary obligation is to increase shareholder value which means the bottom line is more important than making a difference.

Always aligned. Always your advocate. Always accountable.

At Greenspring Advisors, we know there are many advisory firms you can choose to work with. We believe that who we are, what we believe and how we operate sets us apart.

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Real experience.

Our advisors bring the experience and know-how you’d expect from a big firm, combined with a first-name basis and relationship that only a boutique firm can offer. At Greenspring Advisors, we believe in being great at what we do, and in doing great things for our clients.

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