Retirement Insights

The Best States For Retirees

While clients think about how much income tax they’ll have to pay in retirement, we have found that the calculation is much deeper. First, as clients retire, their income typically drops substantially and moving to Florida or some other state with a low-income tax rate may not be worth the effort of moving.

How Much Should You Sacrifice Today To Ensure A Secure Tomorrow?

Every few months, you are sure to run across an article talking about the woefully inept savings rate plaguing our country. The data is disheartening. Collectively we save about 3% of our income. Just 30 years ago, the personal savings rate was triple where it is today. So, why do we have such a hard time saving for the future?

Your Best Retirement Planning Moves 5, 10, and 20 Years Out

No matter how far or near retirement is for you, there are smart moves you can make to help put you in a better position for your financial future.

Don’t Touch Your 401(k)

Unless you need the money for a dire emergency, absolutely, unequivocally not - for a host of reasons. Making withdrawals from your 401(k) defeats the purpose of these plans - to enable you to build resources for a secure retirement during your working years.

WISE MONEY – Do a Reality Check on Your Retirement Finances

Your poor savings habits might stem from ignoring the problem or, when you do think of it, slipping into denial. Well, denial is not just a river in Egypt. If you're fooling yourself about your retirement resources, you're probably rationalizing a lot. If this describes you, you might want to examine your emotions on the subject. Are these emotions lining up to justify your lack of action to save for retirement (or your all-too-active spending habits)? If so, you may be using some of these rationalizations too.

Fleecing Investors, When Will They Learn?

Several days ago, Bloomberg wrote a scathing article on Managed Futures Funds. These funds started to gain much more popularity after 2008. They tend to be non-correlated to the overall market, appealing to investors after losing over half their money in the stock market.