Financial Planning Insights

“Sixty Percent Of The Time, It Works Every Time”

You may recognize the quote in the title from the movie Anchorman. This can be a lot like stock pickers, pundits, and TV personalities. You should run from anyone who is using prediction for the basis of advice.

Is Relying On Stock Markets For Economic Signals A Mistake?

If we had signals that told us with certainty what direction the economy was headed, we might have an edge in our investment strategy; we would know when it was a good time to invest when to proceed with caution or put the brakes on.

How Many Clients Does Your Advisor Work With?

How Barron's Top 1,200 financial advisors effectively serve 521 clients? We have clients from these firms coming to our firm every month looking for a better solution.

Why Many Salesmen Want You to Buy an Annuity

Although there may be some rare occasions where certain types of low-cost, no load annuities may make sense, the study's results amount to a big, fat, buyer-beware regarding annuities and those who sell them. So when you get that free-lunch invitation, beware. And, ideally, sit down with a fee-only financial adviser, who doesn't earn sales commissions, to get an objective second opinion before seriously considering turning over your hard earned dollars.

Take Steps to Get the Most Out of Your 401(k)

How much money you have in your 401(k) account when you retire depends in part on how you handle it (the choices you make), having a solid plan for managing it and the degree of discipline you bring to this challenge.

Avoid These Mistakes When Seeking a Mortgage

Finding an affordable home you like is only half the battle. The other half is getting a suitable mortgage at a suitable cost.

More Conflicts At Big Brokerage Firms

Did you ever wonder how a financial advisor makes their investment recommendations?  There are thousands of mutual funds on the market today.  How does he/she pick one over the other?  If your advisor works for a big brokerage firm like Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch, some of the decision-making is taken out of his/her hands.

Solid Portfolio Lets You Avoid Market Blips

History has demonstrated that if you're patient, over time you can reap substantial rewards from financial markets, assuming that you've invested wisely.

Trust Can Be a Vital Ingredient in a Good Will

As they age, many people naturally begin to focus on their wills. While planning your bequests is always a good idea, people often overlook a crucial option: Instead of using a simple will, use a will with a built-in trust. In many cases, with the guidance of a qualified attorney, a trust can be more effective than a simple will in achieving your estate goals, and provides far more flexibility for changing life circumstances.