Corporate Retirement Insights

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SECURE Act Update: Long-Term, Part-Time Overview for 2024

Effective on January 1, 401(k) plans must allow employees who have worked more than 500 hours of service in three consecutive 12-month periods to contribute elective deferrals to the plan.
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IRS Provides Two-Year Delay in Roth Catch-Up Requirements

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted a two-year delay in the Roth catch-up requirements. This decision brings relief to retirement plan participants and sponsors who were facing looming compliance deadlines. Let's delve into the details of this breaking news.

Stock Market Impact on Retirement Savings

The stock market’s ups and downs can cause a bit of anxiety and stress for investors. As tempted as you can be sometimes to pull out of the market, history has shown us the value of staying the course and remaining invested.
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Unlock Employee Potential with Effective and Appealing Total Rewards Program

By introducing a Total Rewards Strategy, companies can create benefits packages tailored to motivating and engaging employees. Thinking about how this strategy might work for you? Here is a guide to Total Rewards Strategies to break down the 5 components.
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SECURE Act 2.0: What 401(k) Managers Need to Know for 2024

SECURE Act 2.0 Long-term, part-time employees become eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan. Catch-up contributions are required to be Roth if the participant earns more than $145,000 in W-2 compensation.

Should You Add an Automatic Safe Harbor IRA to Your Plan?

High employee turnover could lead to a rise in small 401(k) accounts. Explore how adding a Safe Harbor IRA provision to your plan may help reduce plan costs and potential fiduciary risks.

Employee Education: Your Money Check-up

Money can be uncomfortable to talk about… especially when it comes to overspending and debt. Because it is helpful to reflect, here are 5 questions to assess your financial situation.
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How Can Our 401(k) Plan Help Us Attract and Retain Star Employees?

With thoughtful design features, you can structure a 401(k) plan that stands out in a time of talent scarcity and meets your employees’ needs.
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Q2 2023 Newsletter: Employee Engagement Edition

Looking for ways to boost employee retention, engagement and productivity? Explore these ideas in our latest plan sponsor newsletter.