Get to Know Molly

Molly J. Burton, CFP®

Financial Advisor


Hereford, MD

Alma Mater

Towson University

Favorite Philanthropy

Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

  • Enjoying a Good Book
  • Family Time
  • Skiing
  • Homegoods Finds
  • Christmas
  • Hiking
Favorite Greenspring Core Value

Trust The Evidence

Experience & Expertise

Molly is a Financial Advisor in the firm’s Institutional Consulting Group. Prior to joining Greenspring she worked in an advisory and client service capacity for Tobias Financial Advisors and Financial Consulate. She serves as the primary advisor and financial coach for employees of our Corporate Retirement Plan clients.

Education, Awards and Recognition

  • B.S. from Towson University

Favorite Thing About Working With Clients

“Lifting a weight off clients’ shoulders. When completing the initial financial review process, I can see there’s a new glimmer in their eyes. It’s as if a weight has been lifted off their chest and they can breathe again.”

My Philosophy on Client Service

“Optimize the whole, not the parts. Like a set of gears, your financial life is a collection of different but interlocking pieces (saving strategies, tax implications, estate planning, and more!). You can’t touch one without affecting the others. Optimizing one doesn’t necessarily optimize the whole, and the goal is an optimized whole.”

What I love About Greenspring

“There is a feeling that as a team we can do anything, and we will do anything. I don’t feel at all limited at Greenspring, I feel that what I can do for the company is limitless.”

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Molly J. Burton, CFP®, Financial Advisor
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Molly J. Burton, CFP®, Financial Advisor