Get to Know Kristen

Kristen Evans

Administrative Associate


Reisterstown, MD

Alma Mater

Towson University

Favorite Philanthropy
  • Paul’s Place
  • Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation
  • Respectability
  • Drawing and painting in my home studio
  • Tarot, crystals and aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Running and Yoga
  • Psychology
  • Foreign language and cultures
  • Reading
  • Exploring nature, people and pretty much every aspect of life with my kids
  • Attending to my plant family
Favorite Greenspring Core Value

Own Your Stuff

Experience & Expertise

Kristen is an Administrative Associate at Greenspring. Prior to joining Greenspring, she worked as a professional artist. Kristen provides administrative and operations support to everyone at Greenspring as well as event planning.

Education, Awards and Recognition

  • B.S. in Fine Art – Painting from Towson University

Favorite Thing About Working With Clients

“Serving clients aligns with my personal mission to use my strengths to connect with others in a way that honors who they are and what goals they wish to accomplish. I am extremely passionate about understanding clients on all levels and utilizing that knowledge to play whatever role is necessary – advocate, liaison, etc. – to support clients on their own mission to empower themselves with wisdom, decision-making tools and networks to achieve their goals.”

My Philosophy on Client Service

“I consider my clients to be both the clients of the firm and every single one of my colleagues. In all service interactions, I take full responsibility for doing absolutely everything with integrity, empathy, and accountability.”

What I love About Greenspring

“I am grateful for the countless opportunities to connect with others in a way that serves the admirable mission of the firm, as well as my own personal pursuit of expanding my strengths, sharing my knowledge and benefiting from the wisdom and talents of those around me.”