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Sarah Cunningham

Dear Friends of Greenspring,

We wanted to take a moment to share how grateful we are to have each and every one of you as part of the Greenspring family. Many year-end communications you receive this season may focus on the achievements of 2020, in the midst of one of the most unsettling years in modern history. And while we do believe Greenspring had our share of achievements and accomplishments, our message to you this year is not about our wins but about focus and our purpose.

2020 was a historic year by many measures. Living and managing through a global pandemic was something new for all of us. Despite the never ending obstacles the year threw at us, it really was a year about resilience. Markets were resilient. At the time of this writing the stock and bond markets are positive for the year. Businesses were resilient. The innovation and speed which companies pivoted to serve their customers and keep their doors open was astonishing. Finally, people were resilient. We have often said the natural state of the human race is progress. This year is no different. While many days were a challenge, we were inspired by the opportunity to serve you and hopefully make a positive impact in your life.

Greenspring’s job at its core is to take care of our clients, take care of our community and take care of each other. So, we did. Immediately we adapted so our business could tolerate the shift to virtual and all the work-life environmental changes. Next, we made sure you heard from us, so you felt peace of mind knowing you had a capable resource to navigate the rough seas ahead. Then we placed ourselves in the communities. We volunteered with food banks, donated food to local hospitals and first responders, and supported small business and non-profits where we could.

We share this knowing that our 2020 formula for success isn’t unique to Greenspring – but it worked. It kept us motivated, working with intention, and ultimately it kept us united. In fact, the firm’s collaboration is what inspired our theme for 2021 – OneGreenspring. It was through unity in this wild-ride of a year we saw courage, sacrifice, grace, healing and understanding.

So we feel grateful. But we are here to tell you for many, just making it to December 2020 is an achievement. And this doesn’t fall short on us. This alone is something to celebrate.

Friends, we’ve reached a pivotal moment in the pandemic – a moment where peak fatigue (We miss everyone!) is meeting peak optimism (The vaccine is here!). But this is not the time to let down our guard; this isn’t over yet. But we see a light ahead. And what this pivotal moment does bring is something we’ve been seeking all year long – hope. So, our wish is that this hope guides you and yours through the holiday season and into a much more fortunate and rewarding 2021.


With much respect and admiration,
Pat Collins & Josh Itzoe
Co-founders, Greenspring Advisors