Greenspring was founded in 2004 as a privately owned, independent investment advisory and retirement plan consulting firm. Our firm has been built with the belief that clients are best served by working with an independent firm that maintains complete objectivity and works exclusively in the best interests of the client. As such, we have served in an acknowledged fiduciary capacity to all clients, both individual and institutional, since the founding of our firm.

We also work entirely on a “fee only” basis so as to minimize any compensation-related conflicts of interest that would impair the advice provided to clients. We maintain no affiliation to any other firm or product provider and one-hundred percent of our revenue is derived from our wealth management, retirement plan consulting and institutional investment consulting services – Greenspring receives no indirect compensation.

We believe the most appropriate structure of a true investment advisory firm is a privately owned partnership that is fully controlled by the professionals who are actively involved in the delivery of advice to clients. Any other form of ownership, whether that's a public company or a corporate ownership by a financial institution, creates potential conflicts of interest, exposes the clients to undue risk, dilutes the expertise, and diverts the focus of the organizational culture away from the client.

At present, Greenspring advises both individual and institutional clients on more than $1.5 billion in assets.